Plastic Drums & IBC Totes Services

Encore Container manufactures and reconditions industrial containers. With the ability to deliver and pick up containers anywhere in the US, Encore Container is the solution for your drum and tote needs.

Encore Container is focused on providing customers with quality products and dependable service. In addition to storing all containers inside instead of being left outside to degrade and deteriorate, Encore Container also provides the fastest service in the industry. Simply put, nobody does it faster. And, nobody responds to customers' needs quicker.

Plastic Drums & IBC Totes: Retrieval and Disposal

Encore Container offers the fastest retrieval and disposal services. If you would like to remove poly-drums or totes from your plant or dispose of them, schedule a pickup online. Encore Container will pick up poly-drums and totes anywhere in the continental US within 48 hours. We also offer drop trailer services and can schedule routine pickup days as well. These services are free for plastic drums and totes, as long as the terms and conditions are met. View minimum requirements. To schedule pick up, order online or call (877) 380-1188 (8am-5pm ET, M-F).
It's that easy.

Plastic Drums & IBC Totes: Reconditioning

Encore Container uses the latest, state-of the art processes and equipment to clean a wide-range of non-hazardous chemicals and dyes. Encore Container has an extensive quality assurance program. We even have a white-glove test to check each drum that goes out the door!

Reconditioning services are offered for:

  • 30 gallon, 35 gallon, and 55/57 gallon open-head and closed-head plastic drums
  • 220, 275, and 330 gallon ibc totes (wood, metal, and plastic pallets)

Using reconditioned totes and drums saves money. By recycling and reusing drums and totes, the buyer can save up to 30%. It's good for you and good for the environment.

Plastic Drums & IBC Totes: Trip Leasing

As many customers have EPA concerns, Encore Container offers trip-leasing to customers looking for risk management and reduced environmental liability.

This is how cradle-to-grave trip-leasing works:
Step 1: Call Encore Container and place an order for drums or totes (or submit an online order). New or reconditioned drums/totes are delivered to supplier with short lead times.
Step 2: Supplier fills containers and ships to end user.
Step 3: End user empties container and calls (877) 380-1188 for free pickup within 48 hours (or request pick up online).
Step 4: Containers are brought back to Encore Container, cleaned, and stored in-house at a green-field facility (inside and under cover).

Reduce the risk of your drums ending up in an EPA super fund site and avoid costly clean-up fines. Trip-lease today and sleep better tonight.